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136                                                THE SITA

Sanskritj the other in Persian ; from which we learn that the tank was con-
structed by order of Baja Patni Mall (of Banaras) in the year 1807 A.D. : 


it ^ it

" In the holy circuit of Maiihur^, reverenced by the gods, pure home of the
votaries of Siva, is a sacred place? whose virtues are told in the Varaha Parana,
inaccessible by men save through the efficacy of virtuous deeds performed in a
previous state of existence ; chief of all sacred places,, giver of special graces :
a pellucid lake, whose praises no length of time would suffice fully to tell. After
a careful survey and employing the best of architects^ who adorned it with
tracery of varied design, the ceremony of its donation was performed by Eaja
Patni Mali through the Brahnians, causing gladness like that which arises from
the touch of the foot of Vishnu, rejoicing even the gods. In the year of the
(4) oceans, the (6) members, the (8) elephants, and the (solitary) moon (that is,
SamLat 1864) on Friday, the 10th of the light fortnight of the month JetL"

If   f -u-,
w He is the one who is asked for help and who is constantly worshipped. The
famous remains of this ancient shrine in the neighbourhood of Mathura, the
place of pilgrimage from all six quarters, have now been renewed. When the